Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sue this Sue that!

Lawsuit, lawsuit, lawsuit. That is all anyone wants to do anymore. You are not cool until you have sued someone. I guess I'm not cool.

Every news site I go to now is nothing but lawsuits. Remember the saying "If it weren't for lawyers, we wouldn't need lawyers."
It makes me wonder if these companies are aware of how many lawsuits they have out at any one time. I know that their lawyers know.

One of the most ridiculous lawsuits to surface, just this week, is the 14 yr old girl and her mother that are suing MySpace and News Corp. for $30 million. They claim that MySpace did not protect here from being sexually assaulted by a 19 yr old.  This is ridiculous. Everyone knows that News Corp. has deep pockets but this is BS. Isn't it her parents job to protect her. They should know what she is doing and where she is. Not only that but by age 14 they should have taught her about the dangers of the net. She should know better than to meet someone that she met online. How stupid is this girl? If she is that clueless at 14 then she should be locked in her room.

The more I read through the story the more ridiculous it became. This guy picked her up from school took her out to eat then back to his place where he sexually assaulted. Lets see how many things are wrong with this........ A Bunch!!

Bottom line is: this is her parents fault. Don't get me wrong. There is no excuse for what he did. If he assaulted her then he should pay for what he has done. However, they should know what she is up to and should have raised her to be smarter than to meet someone that she met online. Parents are always blaming someone else for what they should be doing. Teach your kids. Don't blame someone else when your child does not know something. That is your job to teach them.

The sad part is that they will probably get some money for this girl being assaulted. If they are going to sue someone then they should sue the 19 yr old. But that won't happen. They have to get some money for what she has been through. People think money will make them feel better. Personally if I went through something that traumatic, I think I would not want to have to relive it over again in court and read about it in the news. I would just want it to go away. ......Maybe money makes things better!


Blogger purplegirl1203 said...

Hey honey, I was just reading your blogs and I am happy to see that you are putting this one in- I completely agree with you, I think it is the parents responsibilities to protect their children, but even when you were a teenager there were several things that you did that your parents were unaware of and would have had no control over, remember that we are going to have a teenager soon too and there are going to be times when we are only going to hope and pray that the morals that we have instilled in her will keep instances like this from happening to her where it be in at school or on the internet. I think that parents should really be involved with what these kids are looking at and doing on the internet. I don't think that a child should have a computer in their room without parental locks- I guess we will just have to wait and see what our child does when that time comes. Love you baby-

6/21/2006 6:35 AM  

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