Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Microsoft killing Windows? Murderers!!!

I have 9 computers under my control between work and home, and I have not installed the Windows Genuine Advantage Update on any of them....And I will not.  I have read about all of the problems that people have had with this update and cannot afford for any of these PCs to be down because of a Microsoft update that causes problems. Especially not the units at the office.

Now it looks like Microsoft could make it mandatory to have the update this fall. If this is true, this is outrageous. I am going to look through the EULA and see if it says anywhere that users must take every update that Microsoft offers. If it doesn't then I don't see how they could shut our systems down. If they do this I smell a big lawsuit.

Another problem with the update is that it calls home constantly. If you have dial up then this could be an inconvenience. Even if you don't have dial up, I wouldn't want my computer calling home without my permission. I paid for my PCs and if I don't want to install an update that may harm it, then I'm not going to. Microsoft has not fixed any of the problems with this update yet. If you read the article you can see that there are people out there having serious issues with this.

Get it together Microsoft!!!

ยป Is Microsoft about to release a Windows "kill switch"? | Ed Bott's Microsoft Report | ZDNet.com


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