Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Access Anywhere

I have noticed more and more lately that companies are coming up with even more ways for users to access their information from anywhere. From the U3 flash drives to online file storage it is becoming easier to have everything you need at any PC. I am a bit leary about the online storeage, but love my u3 flash drive.

I recently got my 1Gb flash drive with U3. I love it. I still carry a regular 1Gb around just incase I need more space. With the U3 I have, of course, installed Firefox. This means I can have my favorites with me at any PC. That is a big deal to me because I find things at work that I would like to look at again later at home(or vice versa) and now I can. Plus my extensions are also installed. Like Performancing, which I am using to write my blog entries. I also carry U3 Antivirus, Hijack-This, and DVD Shrink on my U3. There is also a program called Migo but I haven't used it. I have all this installed and still have over 860mb free. That is alot of free space and there are alot of programs you can put on it. There is a site called Portable Freeware that has a lot of games and apps for the U3 drive. They also have instruction on how to install them.

Now, for online storage. It seems everyone is trying to get in on this game. You have sites like Flickr and YouTube that will basically store your pics and video and you can choose whether to share them with everyone or not. But they are limited to video and pictures.  If you do a Google search for "online file storage" it only brings up about 121 million results. You should be able to find some storage with all those.

Two that I have been hearing alot about lately are Geek Squad's Online Data Backup and, the yet to be seen, Google GDrive.

The Geek Squad Online Data Backup offers several levels of backup. If you click on the Geek Squad logo it will take you to their page with information about their Online Data Backup. From there you can click on the Free 30-Day Trial and see what plans they offer. They have 3, 5, and 10Gb plans for $4.99, $9.99, and $19.99 respectively. That doesn't seem like a bad deal if you have that much information you need access to.

The next one everyone seems to be talking about is the, yet to be released, Google GDrive. There is a blog post about the long awaited GDrive here by Garret Rogers of ZDNet. So far not many details about this one are known, but if it like anything else Google has done, it will turn to Gold and make them a few more million. This is all a big part of Google's Plan for World Domination. Oh well, someone is going to do it eventually.

The only thing I don't understand about these online storage services is, wouldn't it be better to get an external drive and carry it with you. I have a 20Gb Firefly. This thing is tiny. It is about the size of a deck of cards but only about half as thick. The benefit to this is that I can retrieve what is on it without having an internet connection. Which is kind of important if you use one of the online storage services. What if you cannot get online? Maybe you are on the road and you need a file that is in your online storage. That is where you will wish you had that external drive. What if the server goes down? What if the security of the server is compromised? There are a bunch of reasons not to use online storage. But that would be the best way to transfer files to someone else across the country. That may be the next big thing in P2P File Sharing. Who knows?


Anonymous Sean said...

I’ve been using IBackup for Windows as it IBackup provides several possible interfaces and options for backing up and restoring files and folders. IBackup has both browser based and downloadable applications for Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac platforms. To make things easier, the IDrive application will map your IBackup online storage account as a local drive on your computer. This will allow you to drag-and-drop, open, edit and save files in your online backup account as if they were on your local computer.

You can use IDrive Multimedia, an Internet Hard drive designed for multimedia use, to manage your multimedia files. Simply move your music and video files to your IBackup account and double-click on these files. It will open up your media player and play the multimedia file. You can even create 'Playlists' or do 'Shuffle' using your favorite media player pointing to IDrive's media files. You will notice that music or video starts streaming instantaneously.

The Webmanager (www.ibackup.com/webmanager.htm) lets you create folders, upload, files and share files or folders with others. To share data, you have to create sharable links and email these links to those with whom you want to share data.

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