Monday, July 03, 2006

Disney IS the Happiest Place on Earth!!

Been in the Orlando area since Thursday. Saw some family and, of course, went to Disney.  We got there at 8:30 in the morning. We were in for a long day. We saw some of Epcot then went to the Magic Kingdom and saw a few things there. There is no way you could see everything in a week, much less a day.

Everywhere we went I saw something I couldn't believe.....Everyone was happy. All the employees I saw were polite and courteous. Even in the 95 degree heat.  Everyone talked and asked how we were doing. And they all did it with a smile. Disney really is the "Happiest Place on Earth".

We walked around the park for 13 hours. It was not as bad as I thought it would be. We drank plenty of water and stayed hydrated. It was a blast and we plan on going back soon.

All of the trip was not that good though.

A word about AVIS!!

We rented a car at the Panama City airport from AVIS. About half way to Orlando the car started making a funny noise when we started it. Then the "Passenger Airbag Off" light started going on and off. There is a sensor in the seat that detects weight. This is designed to sense if a full grown person is in the seat, or a car seat with a baby in it. My wife was in the seat and the airbag kept turning itself off.

So Saturday morning we called the nearest AVIS, which was 40 min. away in Kissimmee, and explained what was going on. They told us we could trade the car in but we would have to come to them. So away we went to trade the car in. Never minding the fact that we could have been in an accident on the way and needed the airbags.

So we get to Kissimmee and it turns out they don't have any cars for us. We are driving a full size and all they have is 4 compacts. We were told they only had the 4 and that they were all reserved. The lady at the counter politely told us we would have to go to the airport to trade it in. The airport was about an hour away. To get to the airport we had to go through 3 toll booths. That cost us about $5. No big deal but frustrating as hell.

So we get an upgraded to a small SUV and have to go back through the tolls and find our way back to Clermont, where we were staying. 

So at this point my wife is pissed, I am pissed and we still are not back. It cost about $10 in tolls and half a day of our vacation to exchange this car. And even though we did get an upgraded car, it had not been cleaned and the tank was not full. I returned ours with almost a full tank. Plus they should have come and picked up the car and brought us another.

I don't think we will be using Avis again.


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