Monday, July 24, 2006

It's been a while.

It's been a while since I wrote anything in my blog. I can't think of anything to write about.
It's not that nothing has been going on. There is always something going on. I just try to think of something to write about and nothing seems blog worthy. Maybe that is the problem, I'm thinking too much about it.

I am behind on listening to my regular podcasts. I usually listen to TWiT, Geek News Central, and Cranky Geeks. There are a few more that I listen to occasionally but those are the 3 I listen to on a regular basis. I am listening to TWiT from 7/16. Only a week behind so it is only one episode for TWiT. I am 3 eps behind on Geek News Central. 2 episodes a week is alot to keep up with for me. I usually listen in my Jeep on the way to work. But there have been vehicle problems and I haven't been driving. I had to put a rear end in my Jeep only to find out after doing all the work that Reverse is gone in my Transmission. It's a long story.....

But anyways... I still read Wil Wheaton's blog but lately it has been alot of poker stuff so I haven't been that into it. I have been reading Chris Pirillo's also and it is pretty good. He rants and raves about whatever pops into his head. Leo has a good blog also. He updates almost daily. In Leo's blog, he talks about a TechTV reunion. I would love to see it. I used to keep at least one TV in the house on TechTV all the time. I would definately watch. I don't think there is a geek or techie that would not watch.

The only ones I would like to keep up with that I don't are the video ones. I got into digg when it first came out but quickly tired of it. There is just too much to keep up with and you always feel like you are missing something. I like with Patrick and Robert but can't watch video in the car in my free time. I recently bought a PSP so I guess I could put them on that. Or I could put them on the TiVo and watch them on the TV. That sounds like alot of work though. I guess since I am not driving to work I could be watching them on the ride. Nah!! I will just have to figure out something else.


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