Wednesday, May 09, 2007

It's Been A While

Well it has been about 8 months since I posted. I'm sure my blog will never forgive me for the neglect but I am going to make an attempt at reconciliation.

Lets see. Since the first of the year I have started my EMT classes, taken a trip to Korea, turned 31(my aching bones), finished my EMT classes, and am getting ready to start my Fire Standards.

Whew! Been a busy year so far.

(not an actual picture of me)

I started my classes in January. Last week I passed my Skills Tests and Final Exam. Now on to the State/National Exam. Just have to take one test in FL. Instead of taking a State and National, they have made them the same. Class was interesting and learned alot. Now we will soon see if it was enough to pass the National.

Spent the middle part of March in Seoul, Korea. Went for a family medical emergency and spent the first 8 or 9 days at the hospital. Things are a little different than hospitals are here. They are physically the same but the operations are different. The hospital we were at was huge. It was the biggest and best the country had.

The last couple of days we were there we got to get out and see the city. It was amazing. I would love to go back under different circumstances. Everywhere we went the people were the nicest I ever met. Even thought they didn't understand what we were saying half the time they always tried to help. Every street we went down was like a party. The streets were full of people, vendors, and food. Never thought food off the street would be so good. The city was alive with alot of energy.

Of course as soon as we land in Atlanta we ran into the rudest bunch of people I had seen in weeks. They worked at the airport. People wonder why parts of the world don't like Americans. We were coming in through the international wing and all I could think was how the first thing the people coming into our country were going to see was these assholes at the International wing of Hartsfield international airport.

Oh well. My Fire Standards start on the 29th. Then onto the next job. I have a couple of job ideas but will keep that for another time.

Talk to you soon blog.

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